The Battlefield..

21 Mar
The  Battlefield..

The Battlefield… a place of sorrow, pain and death, yet a place of victory and joy and celebration of life. A place of courage and yet great fear. A place of loud explosions and sounds, yet a place so silent, the movement of an earthworm can be detected…

Yet here we are… sitting and relaxing in it’s dreadful territory. Hey!!! we are not dead…we are soldiers taking a rest. We have no option of whether or not to fight, we’ve been given all the necessary weapons and protective outfits by our Chief Commander. We have the maps and plans of the enemy forces right in our backpacks, we carry dreadful weapons which make the enemy tremble and retreat just at sight, we have a reassurance of unlimited ammunition and medical care, we have armors that cannot be penetrated by enemy artillery, we are assured of backup anytime we are down and low, our trademark is well known and feared by the enemy, superior firepower…in short, we are a dreaded platoon of soldiers. Our war cries and chants terrify the enemy so much so, they retreat and review their attack plans. Our special distress call sends waves of chill down their spines and creates earthquakes of disturbance wherever an enemy is located. Even in our silence, we are sophisticated to the point of releasing bouts of power that cripple enemy forces at long distant ranges. In our moments of pain and sorrow, the distress call which we codename PRAYER is extremely dangerous and the magnitude of destruction cannot be calculated. In times of depression, we have a special revival of spirit which revitalizes and nourishes us again, our combat gear never wears out, and our strength is renewed on a daily basis…

We are a force to reckon with. Yes we are.

Here we are…sitting and relaxing on this blood filled land. Sipping drinks and admiring the beauties of life. Running around chasing butterflies. Forgotten our families and memories of home by throwing our pictures and reminders away in the course of play. Our helmets are nowhere to be found, our weapons are rusty and provide a conducive residential territory and hideout for spiders. Our protective gear lies where we cannot remember. Our sentry post is empty as our guard is out fishing in the nearby pond. Our trumpets of war sound like flutes filled with soapy water. Our walls are cracked and crumbling in many places. Our shoes are paired right-right and left-left in different geographical locations…yeah…it was a game we played sometime ago. We’ve forgotten how to operate our distress radio. The surrounding bushes around us have grown thick, the holes we dug for refuge have been inhabited by moles and rodents. We’re feeding happily on our food reserves and have parties every night. We sleep till the heat of the midday sun wakes us up…all of us.

We are happy soldiers. Yes we are!!!

When we climb trees in search of nice succulent fruits, we see the enemy forces working tirelessly oiling their outdated weapons and mending their worn out armor. Their battle tanks sound like noisy electricity generators to us. They are often seen having training sessions and workouts…yeah…and meeting upon meetings. We laugh and mock at their seriousness knowing record has it that whenever we face them in battle, we win. We pity them because they are made to undergo days of no food all in the name of training, while our big pot bellies pull us down from fruit trees!!!

But hey!!! We forget we are soldiers ourselves!!! We forget that anytime the enemy polishes their weapons of warfare and undergo endurance test, they do so in preparation of war with only one target in mind…US. We forget that every strategy and meeting conducted further exposes  our weakest points to them and encourages them that strength is not in numbers and victory is not in power…yes. It lies in wisdom. We forget that our weapons can be stolen as we throw our armors at each other in play and use our battle tanks to chase rabbits.

But behold…we forget that the battle is still ongoing and our day of doom draws nearer and nearer, with each second that passes…

“Be sober, be vigilant, your adversary, the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour”…

Bomboy © Copyright 2012


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