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Sometimes, I wonder why I’m still living…and others like me too. We come to this world with the aim of achieving everything apart from the main reason we came here; that’s as bad as going to a fruit garden with an empty belly in search for food, and eventually spend the day chasing and catching butterflies!! The worst thing or crime that can be committed in the aviation industry is when a pilot depends solely on his vision, ignoring the presence of the radar. At such high speeds and perhaps zero visibility, the radar directs the pilot to perform touch downs. Without a radar, a pilot will not fly willingly. We as humans have no idea about the future, or what tomorrow brings, and still neglect our ONLY radar of life, the only person who can safely guide us through all the turbulence of life’s flight, bringing us safely to our destination. We prefer to strain our eyes and ears and wear ourselves out thinking about how to go through the next rain cloud without flying into a mountain while our radar blinks ceaselessly depicting the devastating presence of a mountain right ahead!! We forget that the very reasons we work to kill ourselves are temporary…just a tiny fraction of our time ahead, and most of the things we fight so hard for like land, women, pride, houses, cars might outlive us{ i.e. would still exist when we are dead, think of it, the land we fight to own and build or farm was fought for about a hundred years ago too!!} we forget His promise to us about every other thing we want given to us after we have sought his Kingdom! We forget the fact that He owns everything we desert Him to chase. We forget He is the same one that turned water into wine and everything would be made beautiful in His own time!!! He does care about what we go through on a daily basis and all the things that make us sad, and he wants us to know that he can see far beyond our noses, and that brighter things lie ahead of us…but stupidly, we ignore his comfort due to what we see just “in front of our noses”. He looks on at us wondering what else needs to be explained to us because it’s just logical that we stick closer than glue to him as he is our ultimate hope of survival…beautiful enough, he looks on wondering but with understanding and loads of mercy. Even human beings can never be as merciful and understanding as he is. He knows what he bargained for when he came down to die for us…he knew each and every solitary weakness we have in us and still did it for us.

I read somewhere that human beings lose their health to make money, and  then lose their money to restore their health!! In all our clumsiness, the good news is he understands. Above all when we fall down, we simply must rise to the fact that we have done wrong and ask for forgiveness…then forgive ourselves. We tend to think that the gravity of our shortcomings are way too much and perhaps too frequent, but yet we forget that he, unlike us, would forgive us and hold us without even remembering whatever it is we have done. It’s a mystery I still can’t get to understand…


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