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The Signboard…

The Signboard…

I stand in everyone’s midst
All gaze at me as they pass by.
Some stop to resolve their doubts with me.
Leaving happily, glad they know now where to go

I stand here through the day, the sun, the rain, the night
Helping people all around me find their way home.
I am important, I am vital, and they need me…
They can’t do without me, I believe.
I am a compass, indispensable through the stormy night.
I am a sign, bright and colourful, bringing smiles to the faces of lost and weary travelers

But they leave me where I stand.
Their joyful cheers and laughter go with them
The silence is surreal
And emptiness surrounds me like a cloak.

I have come to realize that where I stand is my home.
And all I had in me has been taken
With nothing given in return.
Except for the distant reflection of their brake lights,
Dimming as they happily head home

Day after day,I stand where I stand.
Helping others get to their destination.
Until Authority decides I no longer guide them home..
As they which journey
Have arrived.

And I, I am just a Signboard.








The Bible says,”Let he who thinks he stands take heed, lest he fall”

Dedicated to the Owner of my Soul, Ajifowowe Bolatito, Feyi FeyVored Fagade, to you out there who’s ready to come in from the cold…and humble me.

Bomboy © Copyright 2012


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