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The Lover…

The Lover…

I love you.

I love you so much it hurts.

I find so much joy with you by my side.

I’m willing to go any length just because of you.

I feel so much pride knowing you’re mine…telling all who care to know how much I gave up just to have you with me…

Call me a jealous lover…cause I know I am.


I watch you sleep every night

Looking at you with longing eyes

Hoping you’d turn and see the love in my eyes

Hoping you’d tell me about your day

What you did…didn’t do…shulda done

Who said what…where you went…what you saw

What you ate…who your friends are…what you plan to do

What made you smile…what made you laugh

What made you sad…what made you cry.

But all I get, like other nights gone by

Is another cold, heart-wrenching hush as I talk to you

And this, like other nights, is what I go through.


I watch you wake up

Hoping you’d tell me about your night

Hoping you’d thank me for staying up all night

Hoping you’d tell me how you love the morning sun

But you hurriedly take glances at the clock

And once again, as you run out, I feel the shock


Everything you have is mine

Everything you seek, I can give

Everything you say, I hear

Everything you don’t say, I know

Everything that happens to and around you, I know

Why do you keep on running away from me?

Why don’t you talk to me?

You don’t even want to hear my name!

Why are you so ashamed to call me your love in return?

What have I not done to make you comfortable and happy?

I went much farther than the ones that claim to give you what I have given you already…

Through the hurt, through the shame…

I had you in mind as my bride…the real reason why I came

Every single time you get hurt and come running back, have I for once pushed you away?

And yet, as soon as you get a little more strength, you go right to the same one that caused you so much pain…

Only to repeat the cycle again.

I look on helplessly with love and jealousy in my heart

As you seem so happy in your walk through the minefield

My heart torn apart in bits as it beats faster with every step you take

Hoping you’d hear my voice and come back to me


I paid so much to have you

So much…so much you can’t imagine

I do so much to keep you from harm

I put all things that please you in place

Just to see that smile light up your face

I keep all things dear to your heart close to mine

Al because I want to see that glow on your face every day…just like the sunshine

I could have let you go on that day, but the scales were just not in balance

I couldn’t trade you for anything…not even the authority I was to give up.



All I want is to know you love me

To hear you talk to me and tell me all you care about

I’m never tired of hearing you speak

A little whisper of thanks

Hear you chat excitedly about me to your friends

To feel you heartbeat quicken as you think of me

To spend a moment to think of me

I am the one who can give you all things in perfection

Love, peace, happiness and affection

A perfect picture of your future

Our future

Is this too much to ask my love?

Bomboy © Copyright 2012



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