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I’m doing this for me. Yep, for me.

To prove a point to all those who sat on their flat behinds and watched me crawl through the dirt of emotions and laughed at my shaky legs as I tried to rise to my feet again. To those who spoke negatively and wished I had remained on my fours…but hey, on second thoughts, THANKS!!! You have all taught me how to pick myself up…how to fight and be brave…how to hold my head high through negativity… how to wipe my tears on my shirt, bind my own wounds and proudly wear both around with a smile on my face. I thought you were hurting and uncaring, but you’ve turned out to be my greatest source of motivation! I thank you now…because it’s the only time I would get to thank you.

Also I do this for my mother. In payment for all the sacrifices she’s made for me to do this. Vivid memories of how in my lowest of moods I still found joy to mount that stage just to let her know how thankful I was to have her and how to me, she was the only person in that hall. I owe you more.
Much more.
I’d stop here.
A new life starts now, and as I set my goals and targets, I pray that God would keep us all safe under His wings as he takes us through yet another chapter in our book of testimonies. Greater things lie ahead of us…
God IS with us.

So hey, I’m back on my feet and getting ready for my second flight. I have a better view of the terrain and obstacles along the way. I have learnt to keep in contact with God, who’s the Air Traffic Controller of my life, my broken bones have healed now and I hear them snap as they fall in place with the stretching of my wings. The sky’s bright and clear and I just can’t wait to test these new wings of mine. The resting period I spent nesting and nursing is over…

Sit back and enjoy the thrill of my take off!!!








So my dearies…if you find yourself in a cocoon and you feel like there’s nothing more to it than the dark brown dusty shell you’re in at the moment, trust me you’re in for a shocker! Keep doing what you do best, keep doing it…DON’T STOP!!! Don’t be discouraged that you’re standing still compared to the speeds you were hitting when you were a caterpillar…
Trust me, it’s just a season..
I promise you, you would be surprised at how high and fast you’d fly!


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